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GSA Schedule Vendor

Green Translations is a GSA Schedule Contract Vendor with the US federal government. Our capabilities, past performance, and commercial sales practices have been thoroughly reviewed and approved. Our current contract (GS-10F-0146X) is valid until 2021, and is being kept up-to-date with current regulations, pricing, and offerings.

Green Translations was awarded with SIN 382-1/1RC, 382-2/2RC, and 382-5/5RC for translation services (proofreading, editing, final production layout, and glossary development), interpretation services (oral multilingual simultaneous and/or consecutive interpreting for meetings, conferences, seminars, litigation proceedings, briefings, and training), and sign language services (Tactile or Deaf-Blind Interpreter/Transliteration, Signed English).

Our service-oriented approach has allowed us to cater many large governmental agencies all over the country, providing American Sign Language, transcription, and translation services.

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Professional Translation/Copywriting

We have extensive experience in many areas, from technical translation to legal translation, and from creative copy-writing in foreign languages, to documentation with very specific financial terminology.

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