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Our sign language interpreters possess demonstrated proficiency in accordance with Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) requirements. Our interpreters’ in-depth knowledge of various communication styles and understanding of the deaf community needs insure the highest quality of interaction.

Sign language, like spoken language, is not a universal concept. The deaf and hard of hearing communities use different sign languages, and it’s vital to make sure a sign language interpreter knows which style works best for the person.
In the United States, there are three major forms of sign language used and subsequently a fourth one: American Sign Language (ASL), Pidgin Signed English (PSE), and Signed Exact English (SEE). Green Translations can provide interpreters for all three, while offering Trilingual American Sign Language
ASL is the predominant sign language for deaf communities in the US and English-speaking parts of Canada. It’s a complex language, with its own grammar and syntax. Highly visible, ASL uses not just the hands, but the whole body to interpret. It uses a combination of fingerspelling, body language, and symbols indicated by the hands. Just like English has dialects specific to different regions (for example, pop versus soda), ASL incorporates regionalisms and has its own.

Pidgin Signed English (PSE)

PSE is a combination of ASL and spoken English, using English grammar and syntax but incorporating elements of ASL. Typically used in the work environment by the deaf and hard of hearing to communicate with their co-workers – especially when it comes to specific terminology. It’s used most often by those whose main language is spoken English.

Signed Exact English (SEE)

As the name indicates, SEE uses signs for exact English words, using the specific word order. It doesn’t incorporate ASL at all, although it uses modified versions of ASL handshapes. Basically a visual counterpart to written and spoken English, it’s typically seen in educational settings in order to help students learn English.

Trilingual American Sign Language (ASL)

Our trilingual interpreters bridge the communication gap between an English speaker, a speaker of another language (like Spanish), and an ASL user. There is a staggering demand for trilingual interpreters, especially in areas of large ethnic populations such as Hispanic, Asian, and Russian.
Green Translations provides language interpretation services to companies and organizations across the United States. Our broad experience includes interpreting American Sign Language at conventions, staff meetings, shows, hospitals, schools, and training seminars. We have extensive experience with interpreting American Sign Language for US governmental agencies.

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American Sign Language
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